TEDxSanJuanIsland 2017 Speakers and Performers

Joe Landon // What are we really doing in outer space?

John Moalli // Inclusion-Inspired Innovation: Compassionate Design

Eric Rasmussen // Out of the Shadows: A Universal Identification System

Adam Summers // How Sharing Big Data is Changing the World

Eliana Gilad // Trust Your Silent Voice: Find Your Power

John Nance // Why Airplanes Will Always Need Pilots

Josh Lovejoy // Fair is not the default: The myth of neutral AI

Jenni Flinders // The DNA of an Image

Vicki Abadesco // Generation Empathy: Raising Empowered Leaders

Tom Vogt // US Healthcare - What's Next?

Edward Wang // Monitoring our health the way we monitor the weather

Todd Meyers // How Smartphones Can Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

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