TEDxSanJuanIsland 2015 Presenters

Dr Samuel Wasser // Forensics and the Illegal Ivory Trade: The Elephant in the Room

Dorothy Echodu // Rethinking Africa's Approach to Malaria

Kathleen Bartholomew // Lessons from Nursing to the World

Tashi & Kaj Litch // Brother For Sale

Adam Summers // Natural History: An Engine for Bioinspiration

Anders Sorman-Nilsson // Seamless Transitions: Weaving Together Analogue & Digital Worlds

Phil Borges // CRAZYWISE: A Traditional Approach to Mental Health

Ian Boyden // Eradicate the Self Self-Portrait

Dr Stephen Robins // The Affect of Effect in Healthcare Innovation

Gretchen Krampf // Bringing It Home: Lessons on Community Engagement

Amy Herdy // Have You Ever Met a Monster?

Kent Godfrey // How We Experience Music Without Sound

Alicia Malone // #GirlsInFilm

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